Game on Players

GOPX Token Sale Terms and Conditions

The Token

The GOPX Token was created to be the world’s first stable and self-consuming ERC20 token. With unique smart-contract details that would set it apart from all other cryptocurrencies.
This is how it became the world’s first Patent Pending cryptocurrency in the world.

The GOPX Token was created by Game On Players CEO Alex Slocum, who wanted to integrate cryptocurrency into his online and freemium gaming platform so that gamers could earn money
while playing their favorite Fortnite and sport type games. Game On Players partnered with QuikTipz to provide a Cashless Tipping Solution to the hospitality, cruise and travel,
casino and all other services that provided tipping and the need for cashless tipping. Thus, the Fusion Ecosystem was born, consuming more tokens than any one company ever imagined.
With the ability to provide a stable token to Business and Governmental Payment services around the world, we closed the Fusion Ecosystem loop.

Our legal team has written an in-kind Legal Opinion of the GOPX Token.

We onboarded GOPX Advisors in all areas including sports celebrities and influencers, entertainment icons, crypto, technology and business experts, marketing professionals,
health care professionals, scholarship, veterans, and non-profit advocates all in support of the Fusion Ecosystem.


We created 5 Phases of Tokenization with 2 Billion Tokens per phase and each phase with an exact token price point

Phase 1: June 1, 2021 $1 USD / Token

Phase 2: December 1, 2021 $20 USD / Token

Phase 3: March 1, 2022 $100 USD / Token

Phase 4: June 1, 2022 $500 USD / Token

Phase 5: June 1, 2023 $2,500 USD / Token

All in an Ethereum Smart immutable Contract that cannot be changed.

Token Proceeds

Our goal of raising $500 million is to build out our Gaming, QuikTipz, and B2B Payment Services. We will also create the first Cryptocurrency Protection Agency.
We will have 24 hour live support so that your currency and your account is not kept from you for unknown reasons for unreasonable time frames.

Our Terms and Conditions

Limitation of liability and disclaimer of warranties:

As outlined above, you are purchasing an ERC20 Utility Token at ICO Prices of $1 USD for Phase 1. The purchase of tokens is non-refundable and constitutes a final and completed transaction.

The GOPX Token is the evolution in cryptocurrency, one key step to success is being listed on BitMart. Since March 12 of 2022, GOPX token has been listed on BitMart. 90 days from the listing, on June 12, 2022, GOPX investors will be able to transfer and withdraw their GOPX Token.

Token purchases constitute agreement of our terms and conditions.